Saturday, April 28, 2007

Auto Credit 1

Welcome to AutoCredit 1, Inc.! If you are considering purchasing a used automobile we have In-House Financing programs to fit your needs. No matter how good or bad your credit is, we can work hard to help you get into a vehicle, and with the lowest possible down payment. Even if you currently have tax liens, garnishments, judgments, or a discharged bankruptcy, we can help. Our business location is: 3413 Fulton Ave. Sacramento CA. 95821. Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lost and found!

One of our customers left a book by Stephen Jay Gould at out Auto Credit 1 dealership. If this book by Gould is yours, please call our office at 488 0111. Thank you!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Signs of a Good Dealer

There are so many options for car loan financing that it can be hard to choose a lender. However, there are some things that differentiate one lender from another.

They’re Willing To Work With You!

You may have a lot of questions for your lender, or you may have very few. Either way, your lender should be willing to spend as much time as necessary answering your questions and explaining their services. They should always return your calls promptly, and they should be willing to meet with you to discuss your loan. If a lender seems like they have better things to do during the application process, then they probably won’t be much help once you’re a customer.

If a company is approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), then they’ve been in business for a significant amount of time with no legitimate complaints. We've been in business for 37 years! For more information visit Auto Credit 1, 3413 Fulton Ave., Sacramento CA. 95821. Or call us at (916) 488-0111.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A selection of our many cars:

Lincoln (1969); Volkswagen, Bug (1975); Chrysler, New Yorker (1990); Ford, F150 (1990); GMC, Suburban (1990); Subaru, Lagacy (1990); Buick, Regal (1991); Ford, F150 (1991); Saturn, Sedan (1991); Ford, Ranger (1992); Chevy, S10 (1993); Dodge, Dakota (1993); Ford, Ranger (1994); Mercury, Villager (1994); Nissan, Quest (1994); Toyota, Camry (1994); Toyota, Corolla (1994); Volvo, 850 (1994); Cadillac, Seville (1995); Chevy, Conversion (1995); Ford, Bronco (1995); Jeep, Grand Cherokee (1995); Buick, LeSabre (1996); Chevy, Suburban (1996); Ford, F150 (1996); Lincoln (1996); Saturn, SL (1996); Toyota, Corolla (1996); Toyota, Tercel (1996); Buick, Skylark (1997); Ford, F250 (1997); Lincoln, Towncar (1997); Mercury, Mountaineer (1997); Mitsubishi, Eclipse (1997); VW, Passat (1997); Chevy, S10 (1998); Oldsmobile (1998); Oldsmobile, Achieva (1998); Pontiac, Sunfire (1999); Saab, 9-5 (1998); Ford, Explorer (2000); Dodge, Neon (2001); Ford, Taurus (2001); Ford, Ranger (2002); And More!

Bad Credit Score! Still Finance Your Car With Bad Credit Car Loan

Bad credit happens when the person is lenient in making payment of debts. Earlier, the people with bad credit found it almost impossible to act in the financial market, as the lender didn’t feel secure while dealing with them. They were not considered as trust worthy in the financial market. Today lenders provide them, not only a chance of improving their credit score but also a chance to buy their dream car through bad credit car loan.

Bad Credit Car Loan can be availed either in the secured form or unsecured form. If the person desires to avail loan on low rate of interest and with long repayment period, in such case secured bad credit car loans are desirable. It is also a good option if the person wants to avail a large amount. Along with these advantages, it also carries risk with it. This risk is associated with the property placed as collateral. Such risk is not permanent in nature; rather it arises on the occasion of missing or making delay in the repayments of secured bad credit car loans.

On the other side, in unsecured bad credit car loans, no such risk is associated. But, the lender has the legal right to sue the borrower for missing any repayment. There is no need to place any collateral in unsecured bad credit car loan bur in return of that, the person is obliged to pay higher rate of interest.

Our selection of cars include:

Buick, Skylark (1997); Chevrolet S10 Pickup (1993); Chevrolet Conversion (1995); Chrysler New Yorker (1990); Ford Explorer (2000); Ford F150 Super (1990); Ford F150 (1991); Ford F250 (1997); Ford Taurus (2001); Lincoln CPE Mark VIII (1969); Mitsubishi Eclipse (1996); Nissan Quest (1994); Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royal (1998); Saturn Sedan (1991); Saturn SL (1996); Toyota Tercel (1996).

Refinance Used Auto Loans

Refinancing used auto loans works very much the same way as refinancing regular auto loans. No appraisal is necessary to avail oneself of refinancing services for used auto loans. The value will still be based on how much more money is needed to pay off the existing used car loan.

As with regular auto loans, those who did not get 0 percent to 2 percent APR used car loans are advised to avail themselves of auto refinancing. Using auto refinance calculators, used auto loan owners can have an idea of how much they can save from refinancing.

There are some tips on how to get refinancing applications for used auto loans. First, the refinance applications should be filed using the same name used in the used auto loan. This is one way of ensuring credibility. If the refinancing company did not find matching names, the application will more likely be rejected.

Second, while the used car need not be appraised, the value of money needed to pay off the used car loan should be still be at least $7,000. Refinance companies usually do not entertain any amount lesser than that as it could only mean a waste of time.